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Pine Gap 4 Jailed

The Pine Gap 4 were jailed on Wednesday.

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Pine Gap Appeal

Just heard that the Christians Against All Terrorism have had papers served on them for an appeal.

The government is not happy with the fines handed down against the activists and is appealing, presumably to try and get prison sentences.

Follow their progress on their blog and get the word out to support them.
From their report of the initial sentencing:

Pine Gap Trial – SENTENCE Fri June 15th 2007


Four Christian pacifists are celebrating after being spared prison sentences in the Northern Territory Supreme Court today.

The Pine Gap Four, found guilty of breaching the Defence (Special Undertakings) Act 1952, have been handed minor fines.

The public gallery erupted into song, applause, cheers and hugs and the feeling of victory and vindication was in the air.

Justice Sally Thomas noted their good behaviour and co-operation in the sentencing decision.

“All four were very genuine in the cause they sought to espouse,” said Justice Thomas, “however their actions – no matter for what cause – cannot justify the breaking of the law.”

Jim Dowling has been fined $1250, Bryan Law fined $1000, Donna Mulhearn fined $450 and Adele Goldie fined $550. They have also been asked to contribute $2500 each towards cost of fence repair.

Original Sin

OK, now for an article that really annoyed me in my recent journey through blogs linked to people I know.

In the Alternatives to Empire blog, our attention is rightly drawn to the construction of a new US base in Geralton, WA (where the US will control two military satellites). But it is done in such an annoying way:

Most Americans know nothing about Geraldton, just as they know nothing about other Australian sites such as the U.S. submarine communications base at North Cape or the U.S. missile-tracking center at Pine Gap.

And just as you seem to know nothing about Geraldton’s existing intelligence station that records all of our international phone calls, faxes and email that travel over INTELSAT and COMSAT.

But there is growing concern Down Under that Prime Minster John Howard’s conservative government is weaving a network of alliances and U.S. bases that may one day put Australians in harm’s way. According to Australian Defense Force Academy Visiting Fellow Philip Dorling, once the Geraldton base is up and running, it will be almost impossible for Australia to be fully neutral or stand back from any war in which the United States was involved.

Indeed, that may already be the case.

May one day?!??
May already be the case!??!!

Ever heard of Iraq? Afghanistan? The Gulf War? Vietnam?

This way of describing new developments really annoys me. Pine Gap already puts Australia in this situation. We’ve been in it for decades.

A negative development does not require us to paint the current or recent situation as ideal.

There is no pristine innocence that is about to be lost! Australia is already fallen. Where is the doctrine of Original Sin when you need it?

BTW, Alternatives to Empire has a link to the rest of the article, which is worth a look.