Although some would date them considerably earlier, The Writings of Paul are generally thought to originate from early twenty first century Melbourne, the former capital of Australia. While the authorship of some Writings is disputed, it can be confidently asserted that the majority were written by a man who is a member of Ringwood Uniting Church and who has a daughter born around the time of the fall of The World Trade Centre Towers and the Pentagon. Whether she was born before or after the destruction of these structures central to the politics and economy of twentieth century life, remains a question of heated academic debate.


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  1. Rowland Croucher on

    Hi Paul

    Loved your sermon on the Parable of the Talents

    I live around and corner from you and might just warm a pew at your church sometimes, when I’m not preaching elsewhere!

    Keep stirring

    Rowland Croucher

  2. Andy on

    Hello Paul,

    I came across your blog when looking up the Parable of the Talents and I too loved your sermon.

    I had a couple of follow-on questions which are probably too off-topic to post here, but I couldn’t find a way of emailing you direct.

    Great blog!

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