Natimuk farmers market

From my recent survey of blogs I see that in the most interesting ones people relate personal details and stories of what they have been up to. So, much as I would like to just talk about politics and religion, I’ll mention what I did today in the desperate attempt to attract readers.

On the way back to Melbourne from a week in Adelaide we took a detour to look at the Little Desert National Park and ended up spending the night – last night – in Natimuk.

When we got up this morning a market was getting started and after talking to the locals we found that there is quite an artistic community around this town of 500 people. The nearby Mt Arapiles attracts rock climbers from all over of the world and many of them end up making Natimuk their permanent home. This fosters a more alternative community and hence the flourishing of the arts. There is even a recently opened art gallery (The Goat Gallery) – although they were between exhibits so all I could see through the window was a goat head mounted on one wall.

So we enjoyed their monthly farmers market (2nd Sunday of the month from 9am) sipping organic pear juice and fair trade coffee after a breakfast of egg and bacon sandwiches (the cup cakes were nice too). My partner discussed Australian painting with a local artist and my daughter found another little girl to play with.

If you would like to have a stall in the market be warned – they are hard core. No crafts, only produce; and you must have made/grown the produce yourself – no on-selling of others’ goods. Although, after our unrelenting questions the cake lady finally admitted that she purchased, rather than made, some of the decorations on her cup cakes. (In our defence against accusations of pedantry, we didn’t know about the policy until after we had asked her these questions.)

Now if that doesn’t increase my readership, I don’t know what will.


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  1. Shiree on

    Hi there

    as one of the “hard core” co-ordinators of the Natimuk Farmers market, and director of a Natimuk Arts Company, I was thrilled to see your blog entry commenting on the market and the Nati community in general.

    Yep- the market started in our town of 530 people in March of this year, and is slowly but surely growing. And I admit to being hardcore about stallholders. Inspired by little markets in the French Pyrenees region, I love the whole idea of growers, farmers and producers bringing their goods into the town square – shoppers buying directly from the growers/bakers/producers, children and adults tasting and asking questions about the goods on offer.

    Nope! No crafts and no onselling! This makes our market unique and therefore not like other markets that operate in the region on other weekends of the month.

    We hope to see you back there on other market weekend (the second Sunday of each month).

    Oh, and if you want to come to a more general market in Nati – come back for the Nati Frinj Festival – the first weekend of November. We present some seriously crazy, innovative and challenging stuff – opening with the Hay and Thespian Mardi Gras. What better way to reflect our community of artists, farmers, climbers….

    See you in Nati soon

  2. fred on

    Shiree that is hilarious = comparing natimuk with provincial france. ya dreamin – “ode to the castle”

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