Best of the week in blogs

Having recently got into blogs, it’s just like 1991 all over again. Back then I subscribed to so many internet newsgroups that it would take half a day just to read them. Anyone out there remember aus.politics, aus.religion.christian, aus.cycling, aus.juggling? Or maybe alt.urban.folklore?

Now it’s the same with blogs. I’ve subscribed to too many. I’ve been away for a week, I come back and it takes me all night just to see what people have written. I’ll need to cull it, but at the moment I’m still adding. Only after spending a night of reading have I finally got around to posting something.

Here are the highlights of what I’ve read:

Paul Teusner has written a paper on the blogs of the emerging church in Australia. I’m glad I’ve found this so soon after starting this blog. Obviously, I was about to write my blog in completely the wrong way. Now I can copy the best of the emerging church style and ensure success! I look forward to reading further.

For a first hand account of what the Howard’s recent Aboriginal policy means, talk to an Aboriginal person. If you can’t do that then have a look at Lisa Hall’s recent posts [1] [2] [3] [4] – she’s spent the last five years living in a remote Aboriginal community and has a bit to say about what the Federal Government is up to.
Lisa’s post ends with “No these problems are not new. This is no Hurricane Katrina! This is the 200 year drought!” I think Lisa is doing what those at HOTHhacker call for when they talk of Howard’s use of ‘Hurricane Katrina’ as:

a classic case study in the kind of war of myths that Ched Myers identifies when reading the gospel of Mark. He also advocates the need for the discipleship task of interpreting of the times. In other words, first see the war of myths in the text and then see a contemporary version of the same war in our time, and interpret them against the grand narrative we know as the Way of God.

The intervention debate (as presented by our media ‘scribes’) is not exactly a war of myths between the gospel and the guvment of oz, but it does require disciples to step up and re-frame the myths in order to expose the demonic within the position of the powerful, and to defend the powerless and liberate them from being possessed by the dominant myth.

On [ hold :: this space ] (try typing that when tired) I see that Cath and Joel are one of the winners of The Age Green Challenge.

And finally, there are just too many posts about Operation Talisman Sabre, so I’ll have to mention them some other time.


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